The Path of Peace

My psychological background is as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and it spans over three decades of training and professional experience. You can find some of my qualifications by clicking here and more of my professional journey by clicking here.

My spiritual background includes experience of Buddhist, non-dual, African, Sufi, Hindu and Christian traditions with most of my training being in Buddhist, non-dual and African traditions.

Despite all the exploration, reading, training, retreats and decades of practice, I have found direct experience to be far more important than any theory, belief or practice.


Direct experience makes awakening possible in any moment.


Accordingly, my approach favours the so-called 'direct path' - an approach reflected in the teachings of people like Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Nirmala, Mooji, Gangaji, Stephan Bodian and Loch Kelly (and many other independant and non-dual teachers besides). 

It is not that I reject theory and spiritual practice.


But I am cautious because it is my experience that, if we adhere too strongly to theory and practice to the detriment of discernment, exploration and insight, we can very easily become very stuck. 


None the less, I teach both context and practice encouraging people to let them go when the time is right.

You will find that I am not interested in imposing any ideas.

I learn along with my clients and I encourage anyone I work with to value and work with their own experience.

If my approach interests you and you would like to explore things further, you would be very welcome. 


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Besides my work as a spiritual teacher, I also am a Consciousness Coach:


  • helping individuals to find the life and work that is right for them

  • helping creatives with their creative process


  • and helping couples to explore conscious relationship.​

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"The work of a spiritual teacher is not to be perfect in personality or perfectly awake but rather to be a vehicle for the spiritual growth of others."


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