The Path of Peace


​My life has been a spiritual journey.

I have sought far and wide and consider myself to be very fortunate because I no longer feel that ‘something is missing’ from my life.

Of course, I continue to be curious – and I still very much enjoy learning - but there is a sense of a deepening of inner peace.


I would love the same for you - that through knowing your deepest Self you experience:

  • a profound sense of peace

  • and an irrefutable sense of being home.


My work as a teacher developed gradually.


I found myself bringing spiritual elements into my work and, over time, I found more and more people coming to me - not so much for psychotherapy or coaching - but for assistance with their spiritual lives. 

The shifts in these clients have been remarkable and it has become clear to me that I am called to be a vehicle for this work.

Although I do not believe in imposing my views on anyone, my experience is:

  • that some of us are called to awaken


  • that each of those who are has a unique path to awakening.

  • that our ultimate peace - our true home - lies in waking up to a much deeper Self.


  • that the work of a spiritual teacher is not to be perfect in personality or perfectly awake but rather to be a vehicle for the spiritual growth of others.


My spiritual influences have been many but include: Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, Nirmala and Ramanha Maharshi.

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Besides my work as a spiritual teacher, I also am a Consciousness Coach:


  • helping individuals to find the life and work that is right for them

  • helping creatives become clear vehicles for the creative process


  • and helping couples to explore conscious relationship as an integral part of their lives.

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