M.A. Clinical Psychology (University of Cape Town, cum laude)

A very thorough training in clinical psychology. My own specialisation during this training was in Jungian psychology and psychotherapy but the training included many other approaches all of which remain helpful in their own way.


Diploma in Advanced Transpersonal Psychotherapy (CCPE, London)

A two-year post-graduate training in a form of psychotherapy that integrates a spiritual perspective with more traditional psychotherapy.


This was enormously helpful in understanding how to integrate spirituality and psychology. This apparent conflict is often ignored in many spiritual traditions, leaving people struggling to integrate their spirituality and their busy everyday lives.

EMDR practitioner (levels I&II, EMDR Institute, London & Amsterdam)

A training in a form of psychotherapy (EMDR) that is one of the most effective methods of resolving those issues that pull us out of an awakened state.

Diploma in Cognitive Therapy (Oxford University)

This was an intensive year-long part-time training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which helped me to understand the  complex chains of thinking that so often result in suffering.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting use a combination of eastern medicine and western psychology to treat traumatic memories. Matrix Reimprinting is an extremely effective development of EFT.  I was fortunate to train in both methods with the originator of Matrix Reimprinting – Karl Dawson.

Vision Quest Guide

A vision quest is psychological and spiritual process during which people fast in a natural environment after careful preparation and under proper supervision. The vision quest is a very powerful ritual that is frequently life-transforming.


I was very lucky to be trained in the USA by the late Steven Foster and Meredith Little, exceptional teachers in this tradition. Since then, I have run many vision quests both in Africa and in the UK.

Vision quests have taught me so much about how to understand and deal with the wide variety of profound processes that people are thrown into - not only on retreat - but also in their ordinary lives. 


Doctor of African Traditional Medicine (Sangoma) – (Ingwenyama Lodge, Botswana)

This arduous training as a traditional healer took more than five years to complete.


Although I no longer practice in this way, I very grateful for this training in that, amongst many other things, it taught me so much about the importance of working with subtle energy and about the importance of fully embodied experience.

In addition to the above, there have been many years of study of spiritual perspectives and practices.


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